Five Newark Boys  Reviews

Having grown up in the same poor Italian neighborhood downloadin New Jersey, Frankie, Phil, and Carlo formed an inexorable bond that sustained them through the toughest of times. Given the mafia’s considerable stronghold in their native stomping grounds, it seemed only natural that, as they got older, the three friends would migrate into “The Family”; however, as it turns out, only Frankie and Phil end up as members, while Carlo intent on pursuing a life outside the criminal element joins the police force instead.

Old bonds die hard, though, and when Carlo starts encountering difficulties in his everyday life, he calls on his childhood friends (and their “extended family”) for assistance and as everyone knows, favors given by “The Family” are always expected to be repaid in full…even if in blood…

With compelling action and suspense, Five Newark Boys is an intriguing crime fiction drama. Less a scandalous tale about the sordid mob underworld and more a telling narrative of the ties that bind, author Donahue Silvis’s gripping offering puts a refreshing new spin on the world of mafia lore. With genuine, authentic characters rather than over-the-top, sensationalized caricatures Donahue weaves a highly believable tale with plot lines taken straight from the pages of everyday life. Perhaps the most salient aspect of Five Newark Boys is its ability to persuade the reader to abandon all judgmental predispositions and simply view the game’s major and minor players the same as they would anyone who goes into a situation with the best of intentions only to quickly find themselves in way over their heads.

An enjoyable, entertaining read, Five Newark Boys is a solid offering from a standout literary talent. Highly recommended.

MidwestBookReviewA riveting read from first page to last, Five Newark Boys is a deftly written novel by Donahue B. Silvis. The story follows three young men growing up in Newark, New Jersey. Frankie and Phil work for the mob, while their close friend Carlo becomes a cop who hopes to put the life of mob favors and temptations behind him. But the attractions as embodied by his two friends are too strong.

The result is an obligation to return “favors” for their bosses, including the local caporegime. All such debts must eventually be paidand the mob never forgets or forgives a debt! Five newark Boys is a terrific read and an enthusiastically recommended addition for community library fiction collections.

Review by Ex-Cop: Tom Penberthy

My selection of Five newark Boys by author Donahue Silvis was based primarily on my own career in law enforcement. I was eager to learn how Mr. Silvis would portray Carlo Cardonia young man who desires a career in law enforcement; but also wishes to remain loyal to his lifelong pals. These “buddies” tend to gravitate toward criminal activities.

This obviously places Carlo on a “tightrope” loyalty to his friends versus loyalty to his career. Furthermore, Carlo, married to a loving wife, is torn by his loyalty and desire to both please and appease her. The deeply forged bonds of friendship are explored in detail. The loyalty among the childhood buddies spans decades. Favors granted. Not forgotten. Favors returned. Mr. Silvis explores the life, loyalties, and ramifications of living on “the tightrope.” A cop. His loving family. And his “less than lawful,” lifelong pals. The reality of a law enforcement career and how it affects one’s family and friends is explored in great detail.

The portrayals are genuine. The problems encountered by Carlo Cardoni are indeed unique to those in law enforcement. Honesty and loyalty to family, to career, to lifelong friends, and most importantlyto the public whom you are sworn to protect. It is not an easy life. I’ve lived it. Mr. Silvis has portrayed it well. I highly recommend Five Newark Boys, by author Donahue Silvis.