The Deadly Puzzle

Dr. Fredrick Rhineman was a brilliant, wealthy, and famous chemist. He was also sinister and vengeful. His instructions to his secretary were that upon his death sixteen people would each receive a letter containing a piece of a puzzle he had constructed. When assembled, the puzzle pieces would reveal the location of ten million dollars in cash, and a highly lethal chemical formula which could give world dominance to a rogue country. Detective Jake Wayde is one of the sixteen to receive a letter containing a puzzle piece, but he doesn’t know why. The ugly heads of Hate, Power, Domination and Greed rear up in those receiving a piece of the soon-to-be deadly puzzle. Which of the twelve people the doctor abhorred and which of the four ambassadors of foreign countries who received a piece of the puzzle will die a brutal death? Who survives the malice Dr. Rhineman envisioned?