Spawn of Evil

Spawn of Evil Cover

Six boys, all sons of SS guards at the Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz, were chosen for a special indoctrination program. Selected for their sociopathetic tendencies, they learn to savagely participate in the atrocities committed against Jews and gypsies by Adolf Hitler and his Third Reich. But the violence does not end with the Nazi’s defeat in 1945 after their parents are tried and executed as war criminals, the boys find homes with adoptive German families. When their psychopathic behavior erupts once again in a wave of rapes and murders across Europe, the only people who can stop them are the Nakam, or “vengeance,” group. A hearty band of ex-prisoners, patriots, and Jews from Palestine, the Nakam target Germans who have evaded justice for their war crimes. They are dispatched to locate the Nazi spawn before history can repeat itself. The tables are turned: the hunters have become the hunted.