Polly, Stubby, and Al

Polly, Stubby, & Al Cover
Polly, a multi-colored talking parrot, and Stubby, a bowlegged English bulldog, are joined, as family pets, by an injured wild crow that is healed and tamed by Mama Sara. The crow is named Al. Over the next few months, the pets create hilarious and daily entertainment as Al learns to talk. He becomes an entertaining and mischievous pet. Al is always up to some sort of mischief and causing problems in the neighborhood. Then one day, while flying in the sky, Al is caught in a sudden storm. The sky turns black, bolts of lightning are flashing, there are strong winds and heavy rain. Over and over Al desperately calls for help. However, the family can only helplessly watch as Al is tossed in the winds and is blown toward the dense forest. Does Al survive? Do they ever see their pet crow again?