Blowing in the Wind

Blowing in the Wind Cover
It ‘s debatable whether Rail McClain is your typical teenager who ‘s about to enter college. Rail enjoys a good time and hates to study. To say he ‘s like other American boys his age is like saying lemons and watermelon taste the same. During his four years in high school, he majored in sports and minored in all of his courses. After one year of college in Milwaukee, Rail flunks out. However, he ‘s not discouraged. As a handsome young man, he figures he ‘s Hollywood material. To his parent ‘s dismay, Rail informs them he plans to be an actor and attend a drama school in California. They doubt his future as a college student, and reluctantly agree. Once in Hollywood he finds it ‘s not at all as he had envisioned. Alone in the world of actors, Rail receives a juicy slice of life.