Alien Soldier

In 1860, a trapper is attacked by a Navajo warrior. Killian Kilkenny fights back, striking his attacker. Blood gushes from the wounded man into Killian’s eyes and open mouth. Suddenly a bright blue flash lights up Killian’s campsite as the Navajo bursts into flame and disappears. As a blue-white ribbon of smoke rises skyward, the trapper passes out. He awakens to find himself dressed as a soldier in the U.S. Army’s 1st Cavalry.

Even more amazing, his wounds have healed. Killian soon discovers he has the ability to self-heal and morph into any human form. Later he learns from an old medicine man that his attacker was a Star Warrior of the Sky People. The alien’s blood has tainted his own, and Killian has transformed into a nearly immortal blue alien that can only be killed by fire.