A Cop StoryA Cop Story Cover

Frankie, Phil, and Carlo grow up in a poor Italian neighborhood known as the 1st Ward in Newark, New Jersey, during the depression and WWII. Times were bad; for them, stealing was a way of life. The brothers, Frankie and Phil, become wise guys working for the Family. Carlo becomes a policeman to get away from the criminal element or so he thought. Using the problems of everyday life as an excuse, Carlo accepts favors from his past friends, Frankie, Phil, and their caporegime favors he knows he must someday repay. Does Carlo renege on his commitments? Are Frankie and Phil ordered to hit Carlo? Or does Carlo give up being a cop and join his friends? Do all three survive their tumultuous lives, or do they end up on a cold morgue slab?







The Deadly PuzzleThe Deadly Puzzle Cover

Dr. Fredrick Rhineman was a brilliant, wealthy, and famous chemist. He was also sinister and vengeful. His instructions to his secretary were that upon his death sixteen people would each receive a letter containing a piece of a puzzle he had constructed. When assembled, the puzzle pieces would reveal the location of ten million dollars in cash, and a highly lethal chemical formula which could give world dominance to a rogue country. Detective Jake Wayde is one of the sixteen to receive a letter containing a puzzle piece, but he doesn’t know why. The ugly heads of Hate, Power, Domination and Greed rear up in those receiving a piece of the soon-to-be deadly puzzle. Which of the twelve people the doctor abhorred and which of the four ambassadors of foreign countries who received a piece of the puzzle will die a brutal death? Who survives the malice Dr. Rhineman envisioned?








Star Blue SoldierStar Blue Soldier

In 1860, a trapper is attacked by a Navajo warrior. Killian Kilkenny fights back, striking his attacker. Blood gushes from the wounded man into Killian’s eyes and open mouth. Suddenly a bright blue flash lights up Killian’s campsite as the Navajo bursts into flame and disappears. As a blue-white ribbon of smoke rises skyward, the trapper passes out. He awakens to find himself dressed as a soldier in the U.S. Army’s 1st Cavalry.

Even more amazing, his wounds have healed. Killian soon discovers he has the ability to self-heal and morph into any human form. Later he learns from an old medicine man that his attacker was a Star Warrior of the Sky People. The alien’s blood has tainted his own, and Killian has transformed into a nearly immortal blue alien that can only be killed by fire.







Blowing in the WindBlowing in the Wind Cover

It ‘s debatable whether Rail McClain is your typical teenager who ‘s about to enter college. Rail enjoys a good time and hates to study. To say he ‘s like other American boys his age is like saying lemons and watermelon taste the same. During his four years in high school, he majored in sports and minored in all of his courses. After one year of college in Milwaukee, Rail flunks out. However, he ‘s not discouraged. As a handsome young man, he figures he ‘s Hollywood material. To his parent ‘s dismay, Rail informs them he plans to be an actor and attend a drama school in California. They doubt his future as a college student, and reluctantly agree. Once in Hollywood he finds it ‘s not at all as he had envisioned. Alone in the world of actors, Rail receives a juicy slice of life.







Spawn of EvilSpawn of Evil Cover

Six boys, all sons of SS guards at the Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz, were chosen for a special indoctrination program. Selected for their sociopathetic tendencies, they learn to savagely participate in the atrocities committed against Jews and gypsies by Adolf Hitler and his Third Reich. But the violence does not end with the Nazi’s defeat in 1945 after their parents are tried and executed as war criminals, the boys find homes with adoptive German families. When their psychopathic behavior erupts once again in a wave of rapes and murders across Europe, the only people who can stop them are the Nakam, or “vengeance,” group. A hearty band of ex-prisoners, patriots, and Jews from Palestine, the Nakam target Germans who have evaded justice for their war crimes. They are dispatched to locate the Nazi spawn before history can repeat itself. The tables are turned: the hunters have become the hunted.







A woman is found strangled, floating in the swimming pool of a fashionable Ft. Lauderdale estate. Private detective Jake Wayde is hired to find the killer.

Jeffery Rhineman, a man known to Wayde from a previous case, is pursued by both Iranian and Palestinian operatives as he tries to sell a deadly formula invented by his late father, the famous chemist Dr. Frederick Rhineman. Reneging on the the deal to supply the formula, Jeffery goes into hiding. As people are murdered, Wayde learns the two cases are entwined.







Polly, Stubby, and AlPolly, Stubby, & Al Cover

Polly, a multi-colored talking parrot, and Stubby, a bowlegged English bulldog, are joined, as family pets, by an injured wild crow that is healed and tamed by Mama Sara. The crow is named Al. Over the next few months, the pets create hilarious and daily entertainment as Al learns to talk. He becomes an entertaining and mischievous pet. Al is always up to some sort of mischief and causing problems in the neighborhood. Then one day, while flying in the sky, Al is caught in a sudden storm. The sky turns black, bolts of lightning are flashing, there are strong winds and heavy rain. Over and over Al desperately calls for help. However, the family can only helplessly watch as Al is tossed in the winds and is blown toward the dense forest. Does Al survive? Do they ever see their pet crow again?